Text Adventure Time in St Helens

Wednesday 26 October  10.30am – 2.30pm 

St Helens Central Library WA10 1HP

FREE, drop-in

Join us as we play Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing, a new text adventure game set in the future, where humans, robots and cyborgs inhabit our world, a world where it’s still difficult to travel across the Pennines.

This event offers you the chance to explore stories, characters and real objects from the Northern Powerhouse world, as well as play classic games such as ZorkHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Planetfall.

There will also be a documentary film on show for those who want to know more about the process behind the game.

Below is a (chronological!) list of the that we’ll be playing on the day, as selected by the Text Adventure Time team:

Zork (1982) Where it all started! The game that launched an entire era of gaming! Now how do I get into that house…

Lost Frog / Merlin’s Castle (1985) – These are text adventures where you have to take objects and use them to get to the next part of the game. Unusually for puzzle adventure games (certainly unusual these days) is that you can die if you do something silly like walking off the balcony… *No browser version – play it on the day!

The Hobbit (1982) Many years before Peter Jackson, this was the closest you could get to an all-action recreation of Tolkien’s book. *Text only – minus the mind-blowing 1980’s graphics

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1984) Famously difficult adaptation of Douglas Adams’ sci fi-classic.

Quest for the Golden Eggcup (1988) A personal favourite which I’ve never quite been able to complete, despite trying regularly since I was eight years old…*No browser version – play it on the day!

Weird Tape in the Mail (2012) Short and disturbing game influenced by David Lynch’s (even more disturbing) film Lost Highway. *Over 16’s only – contains strong language

Depression Quest (2012) – A great and very playable example of contemporary designers using text games to address real life subjects.

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE NOW A KOTAKU COMMENTER by Emily Gera Brilliantly original game probing/ridiculing the psychology of (male) commenters on video game site Kotaku.

Guilded Youth (2012) You play Tony, a fourteen-year old thief who needs some help looting the legendary Oakville Manor.  Luckily it’s the 1980s and finding fellow adventurers is just a modem squeal away…

Detritus (2013) – Just like real life, this game will not let you save or refresh the page or use the browser buttons to go backwards without breaking. Also just like real life, it probably won’t work in Internet Explorer 8 or below.

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