Young People of WBH* will take part in five creative workshops investigating and exploring the world around them to create a fictional narrative that will be the basis for the world the text adventure game is set in.

  1. Balloon Mapping

    Artists Saoirse Higgins and Dave Mee will introduce the art of mapping cities from the skies above (from the turn of the century including pigeon and balloon power to now and our reliance on Google maps). This practical DIY workshop invites you to make your own low-tech cartography device, working with balloons, helium and cameras to create maps that will form the basis for your Text Adventure Time world. You will decide on the areas and streets to explore, capture footage from high above and learn skills on how to manipulate your captured images.
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  2. World Creation

    A glimpse into understanding different map making styles and their uses. Artists Neil Winterburn and Sam Meech will guide you through the social and political issues surrounding maps, so you can create your own map inspired by your local area. You will learn to combine your memories and imagination with technical map drawing and digital design to create your sci fi/ fantasy world for Text Adventure Time.
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  3. Show & Tell

    This is the midway point for Text Adventure Time, where you will present your creations and share your ideas so far. Artist Hwa Young Jung wants to know about your experience, how have you been are progressing and what plots points, narratives and artefakes are important to your world. We want to inspire and make you aware of what interesting things are happening in your region and you will vote on a ‘Go See Trip’ for your group.
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  4. Creative Writing

    Artists Kate Feld and Glenn Boulter will combining creative writing and making artefakes for this workshop leading on from the previous workshop. A recommended reading list will be given out after the first summit which will inform the exercises in creative writing and creating characters. With a focus on the narrative, there will be discussions with the group in decision making for objects in the travelling exhibition. This will spread out the workload and allow different skills sets to get involved.
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  5. Twine

    Building on the fictional world, characters, artefakes and other paraphernalia created from the previous workshops, artists Glenn Boulter and Ross Dalziel will teach the young people how to turn their story into a Text Adventure Game. Though they came on cassette tape, took ages to load and rarely had any graphics, text adventures set many of the rules and ideas which are still used in today’s big budget console franchises.
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* Wigan, Burnley, Hull

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