Balloon Mapping

Artists Saoirse Higgins and Dave Mee will introduce the art of mapping cities from the skies above (from the turn of the century including pigeon and balloon power to now and our reliance on Google maps). This practical DIY workshop invites you to make your own low-tech cartography device, working with balloons, helium and cameras to create maps that will form the basis for your Text Adventure Time world. You will decide on the areas and streets to explore, capture footage from high above and learn skills on how to manipulate your captured images.

Read this post to find out more about mapping from the skies.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to inflate the balloons safely and effectively, including tying off the balloon and calculating helium.
  • Making a light cradle for the camera, and attaching it to the balloon.
  • Learning how to work the camera work and capture footage
  • Testing the balloon on your head while walking about, with a partner helps to navigate and direct.
  • How to view and edit the footage on your computer.

Read about what happened below.

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