Bots vs Bods

FutureGen-logoFutureGen evolved from a consortia of automated distribution centres across the old M62 whose infrastructure was relatively unaffected by The Incident. Post-incident they invested heavily in bio-tech and robotics after ‘acquiring’ biological computation research from Lancaster University. Exactly how and why this research was ‘acquired’ by some seemingly unrelated distribution companies remains a mystery.

Some eco-sys academics think it was the logical conclusion to advanced logistics: to streamline and engineer not only the supply chain but the customer itself.

In 2065, and the scientists of FutureGen, based in Hull are busy creating new organisms for a better society. Join artist Radmaés and Hwa Young as you enter the experimental laboratory of FutureGen to build your own robot or human.

Bots vs Bods

Burnley: Bods vs Bot data

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Burnley – 17th February 2016
Wigan – 12th March 2016
Hull – 9th April 2016