Twine & Making

Building on the fictional world, characters, “artefakes” and other paraphernalia created from the previous sessions, this workshop will teach you how to turn your story into a Text Adventure Game. You will work with artists Glenn Boulter and Ross Danziel on the technical aspects of the process, building an interactive story using simple code, as well as giving you the chance to play classic text games such as Zork, The Hobbit and Lost Frog. You will be ready to share your story and the work created from the groups in Burnley, Wigan and Hull will be connected to create a giant, epic game of the North!

Here’s a short introduction to interactive fiction and a review of text adventure game classic Zork to get you in the mood.

The workshops will cover:

  • Playing classic text games such as Zork, The Hobbit and Lost Frog.
  • Creating and play-testing your own game environment using the easy-to-use Twine coding language.
  • Designing objects, characters, traps and objectives for the player to interact with.
  • Sharing your code with the rest of the group to solve problems and respond to player feedback.
  • Publishing your game as an Interactive Fiction file that can be shared across any device (browser, tablet, pc, phone) and connecting it with other groups work to create a giant game.
  • Designing ‘artefakes’ with Ross, turning ideas from the fictional world into tangible prototypes.

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