Northern Powerhouse comes to Liverpool

Our Northern Powerhouse 2065 exhibition will be coming to FACT, after an extensive tour throughout the North of England.

Come down and see the last leg of the tour.
9 – 19 February 2017

Exploring a dystopian scenario created by young people from Burnley, Wigan and Hull, it introduces the public to ‘artefakes’, objects carefully selected by curators from the future, which provides the audience an insight to the online text adventure game Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing.

Text Adventure Time in St Helens

Wednesday 26 October  10.30am – 2.30pm 

St Helens Central Library WA10 1HP

FREE, drop-in

Join us as we play Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing, a new text adventure game set in the future, where humans, robots and cyborgs inhabit our world, a world where it’s still difficult to travel across the Pennines.

This event offers you the chance to explore stories, characters and real objects from the Northern Powerhouse world, as well as play classic games such as ZorkHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Planetfall.

There will also be a documentary film on show for those who want to know more about the process behind the game. Continue reading Text Adventure Time in St Helens

NP:LTS at Wuthering Bytes

We are going to Hebden Bridge for Wuthering Bytes, a Festival of Technology in the Heart of the Pennines! I’ll give a presentation about how we made the Northern Powerhouse.

There are some fantastic speakers and then myself. Check out the line-up. We will report more after the event!

If you’ve played the game and want to see the exhibition, it’s currently in Accrington Library.

Uncover More: Arts in Libraries National Symposium

Neil and myself went to represent Re-Dock at the Uncover More : Arts in Libraries National Symposium on the 17th of July. Hosted in Leeds Library, the event was a gathering to share the past 2 years of Grants for the Arts funding. It was pretty exciting to see what other libraries have gotten up to, how library cultures have changed and what new opportunities there are in the future. leedsnp

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Burnley Central Library Launch

The Northern Powerhouse 2065 exhibition officially opened at Burnley Central Library on the 17th February. This exhibition brought the Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing to life with artefakes from the game world. On hand at the event were some of the Young People who wrote the game and a special drop-in workshop with Radamés & Hwa Young.  Continue reading Burnley Central Library Launch

Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing

We are pleased to announce the launch of Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing – an online text adventure game made by Re-Dock, with young individuals from across Burnley, Wigan and Hull. This online game is created by young people, where they imagine what life might be like 50 years in the future in their respective community.

Play the game!

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The name of the game

Hello and welcome to 2016! It’s been over a year since Text Adventure Time started and I’m happy to report the finish line is almost within reach.

After 5 workshops with 8 artists working with over 30 young people across three cities – we’re just about ready to unleash Northern Powerhouse : Last Towns Standing to the world. It’s taken awhile to come up with a good title but we’re all pretty pleased. Below is a sneak peak…

The year is 2065. Humans, robots and cyborgs inhabit the world, and it’s still difficult to cross the Pennines. Wigan is a harsh place to live (after a nuclear explosion in the year 2035) with dead zones where technology doesn’t work, Burnley is over run with robots, with an enslaved population of artificially created humans, but Hull is a pretty nice place to live as long as you work in the two main industries of advanced robotics or bioengineering.

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2nd Summit

7th November, Saturday, Wigan.

The date is set for the second summit of Text Adventure Time. The Young People have been through all 5 workshops and are now ready to meet face to face – many for the first time. Wigan Youth Zone will be the place where creators from all three cities come to tie up loose ends of the story, decide what artefakes get made and come up with a name of the game. Continue reading 2nd Summit

An invitation

Hey. Come here. Let me tell you a secret:

No one likes this world anymore.

Do you? No, me either.

I mean, yeah… it’s okay. But I’m getting kind of bored with this world of ours, being so real and everything. Day in, day out. So I’m inviting you to join me: Let’s start over. Let’s make a new one.

How do we do this? In the 1950s a man named Alan Garner decided that his bit of Cheshire, which happens to have a very interesting crack in the earth running through it, would be much more interesting if that crack was the gateway to a secret world full of heroic dwarves and lost magical gemstones and evil witches. There was a local legend about a wizard associated with that area, Alderley Edge, which he used as material. He wrote a series of books, starting with The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, about this world and what happened when the lines between our world and that hidden one started to overlap.

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Our workshop in Burnley

Hellooooo balloonyTextAdventurers,

Filling up the balloon with helium.

We had a fun balloonblustery but sunny day in Burnley last Friday! We started off by filling the giant red balloon with helium and then taping and tieing it off with a cute little diy basket for the gopro to sit in. The basket is supposed to be a kind of modern version of the woven baskets the adventurers used to travel in back in the day..and actually they still do travel in them.

diy basket
Cute DIY basket

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