Text Adventure Time in St Helens

Wednesday 26 October  10.30am – 2.30pm 

St Helens Central Library WA10 1HP

FREE, drop-in

Join us as we play Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing, a new text adventure game set in the future, where humans, robots and cyborgs inhabit our world, a world where it’s still difficult to travel across the Pennines.

This event offers you the chance to explore stories, characters and real objects from the Northern Powerhouse world, as well as play classic games such as ZorkHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Planetfall.

There will also be a documentary film on show for those who want to know more about the process behind the game. Continue reading Text Adventure Time in St Helens

Wigan Show & Tell

50 years from now, Wigan is not doing so well. It didn’t help that in 2035 there was an explosion at the DW Nuclear Power Plant. There are dead zones in the city where anything electronic just doesn’t work. But could the humans use that to their advantage in the robot uprising? After the fallout, how has the existing infrastructure been re appropriated? How can you communicate without the internet? Is teletext the only answer? These were some of the questions the Wigan group are grappling with at the halfway point. Continue reading Wigan Show & Tell

Burnley Show & Tell

The future of Burnley is bright and shiny. The robots are at least. The techo-dystopian landscape becomes sharper during the mid-way Show & Tell workshop as the group hone the living situation for the organic and non-organic population of Robo-Burnley with lively discussions around city limits, industry, work/life balance and the underground resistance movement. Continue reading Burnley Show & Tell

Hull Show & Tell

We’re mid-way through the project now, and the year is 2065. Through the two previous workshops (Balloon Mapping & World Creation) the groups have had to think about the future of their city, what new technologies are available and how that impacts the society we live in. The Show & Tell workshop was a chance to get to see what the other young people across the North have been dreaming up.  Continue reading Hull Show & Tell

Hull 2065 is thriving!

The World Creation workshop in Hull last week was really inspiring, mostly because the differences between Hull now and this alternate 2065 Hull were so subtle.

Hull came out of the disaster of 2035 alright. In some ways the sheer size and economic power of Hull gave it a fighting chance, not that that did Manchester any good. Since it rose to power during the 20’s and early 30’s as the place to be for robotic and biotech start-ups, the people in Hull have never had it so good.

The Circle of Elders
The Circle of Elders

Continue reading Hull 2065 is thriving!

Wigan 2065 is terrifying!

I might have to be a bit mysterious here. I’m trying to balance telling you about how the Wigan World Creation workshop went with not wanting to spoil story lines that aren’t due to be revealed yet.

Wigan 2065 isn’t somewhere you want to be by yourself. You need to travel with a large family to even stand a chance to surviving a night.

Making a map of Wigan 2065
Making a map of Wigan 2065

Continue reading Wigan 2065 is terrifying!

“Robo-Burnley. We’re here for you!”

As you approach the electric fence, you see that they have made the welcome sign even bigger. It now reads “Robo-Burnley, we’re here for you!”

Pretty creepy, but lucky for us it’s only 10cm tall at the minute, because we’re in 2015 not 2065 and the robots haven’t taken over yet.

The sign is part of a map made by the Burnley Text Adventure Time group, pieced together from scraps of aerial photos taken the month before and sketches based on their worst fears of the future. Continue reading “Robo-Burnley. We’re here for you!”

man-nature disaster in sunny Hull…

Hi Text Adventurers!

We had our balloon workshop in a sunny Hull, Saturday 27th June. Doesn’t time fly by! What a lovely library room we had to do the workshop in!

old sign found in the library

We were very well looked after by Matt ‘The Doctor’ and started with looking at all the kit and figuring how it worked. We had a sound recorder, gopros on‘selfie sticks’, polaroid cube HD camera in a little plastic bottle rain hat on a telescopic clothes pole and the balloon ‘overview’ hat. Continue reading man-nature disaster in sunny Hull…

Building an new world, made from Burnley, Wigan and Hull.

For our next Text Adventure Time workshop we’re going to focus on world making.

GTA los santos2

So what is world making?

It dosen’t matter wether you are making a game, a film  or writing a story. If you’re inventing a fantasy world it has to feel real. Whatever it is that makes your world different to our everyday reality, it has to be well thought through. The more information you have at your fingertips about your world, the easier you will find it to write stories that people get lost in. Continue reading Building an new world, made from Burnley, Wigan and Hull.

Up Up and Wigan away!

Hi again Text Adventurers!
We had a dry, relatively un-windy Friday evening for our Wigan Workshop in the amazing Wigan Youth centre basecamp. What a great place to hang out in…it even has a dance studio and a very cool skate park! I think I am a ‘couch’ skate boarder, as I never had one when I was a kid, but I think it’s a great way to travel around. Probably a bit too old to start now! Anyway – we had a lively bunch of participants for the second balloon mapping workshop. We began our mapping walk at the skate park and the gang took some pretty creative GoPro video of the skate slopes and curves of the park. Declan had the first go of the ‘overview’ hat   and balloon. He did a great job walking about and recording a view from above. Continue reading Up Up and Wigan away!