Artefakes exhibition catalogue

  1. Emoji-gloves😂

    Emoji-gloves were the resistance’s way of secretly communicating with each other on Haven production lines. Boxes of emoji-gloves were discovered in abandoned lockers.

  2. Sacred Book📖

    Much academic controversy surrounds the remains of this book. For a time books seemed to have been largely forgotten by post-incident humans and considered ‘evil’ or ‘illegal’.
    This book is a window into a very specific time pre-incident and as such was not indexed and largely overlooked. There is some evidence to suggest that something may have been encoded in such a book.

  3. BrickChain Phone⛓📞

    The resistance would often use antiquated ‘brick’ phones as communication devices encrypted by the Brickchain system to avoid information leakage.

  4. Morse Code Inspectors🕵

    Cannibalised micro-controllers and components were used to broadcast analogue and digital messages using a binary code system known as Morse. These simple resistance made Morse Code Inspectors used redundant radio spectra of 108 MHz to deploy these messages.

  5. Cyborg Wing Extension Kit🤖

    Cyborgs were FutureGen experiments some completed without human consent. Many of these ‘bio-freaks’ inhabited the hinterlands of Hull. There prototypes frequently failed and required part replacements and extensions.

  6. Bag O’ Nanotech🗯

    A popular myth in post-incident society were bags of nanotech thought to be dropped at strategic locations to monitor the resistance. This bag is empty actually.
    We already have all the nanotech you need in your blood.

  7. DeathTurf©⚰🌱

    Traces of human ageing toxins found on this item known as DeathTurf© seem to confirm the material could cause premature ageing. Unclear whether this material was used on the Pennines or on something called the Bactogarden.

  8. Cyborg Unfolding Fox🐺

    Early nanotech unfolding fox-bot remains. Rudimentary nanotech often referenced pre-Incident time ‘familiars’.

  9. FutureGen Fox Embryos🐺🔬

    FutureGen developed a broad range of bio-engineered animals often using dog and fox embryos as starting points before moving on to more advanced engineering that evolved from our own blueprints. Here embryos are suspended in a bio neutral oil that could still be grown, although of course that is no longer necessary.

  10. Biometric ID Cards🆔🔬

    Employees at FutureGen born pre-incident wore these ID cards for access to certain key research areas. Of course this was not required of the younger employees who did not require the BDR (Bio Dependent Resistor) detector.

  11. Haven for FutureGen🔬

    Haven were the main supplier of biological instruments and equipment for FutureGen. You can see here a kit for injecting bio-engineered components into human subjects or managing nutrients for embryo surrogates.

  12. Education Centre Blazer Badge🆔🙋

    Post-incident powerhouse Hull had by far the most prestigious Education Centre and this badge was worn proudly by all humans lucky enough to attend.

  13. Pin Badges🆔⚗

    Pin Badges for embryonic VAT centre streams and identity pin badges made by the resistance referring to their fear of bio-engineering.

  14. Resistance Communication Centre🖨

    Nautical NAGRAFAX machines recovered by the resistance from water vessels were discovered to be ‘hacked’ to send encrypted thermal printouts of FutureGen factory schematics and plans. It remains unclear whether these plans were accurate.