Burnley Central Library Launch

The Northern Powerhouse 2065 exhibition officially opened at Burnley Central Library on the 17th February. This exhibition brought the Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing to life with artefakes from the game world. On hand at the event were some of the Young People who wrote the game and a special drop-in workshop with Radamés & Hwa Young.  Continue reading Burnley Central Library Launch

Oscar (15) reviews Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing

I was excited to be asked to write this review before this text adventure game went live, says our young blogger Oscar (aged 15). You can play the game now too, just click here.

First of all, what a brilliant original idea this game is! The young people who created it (who are all of a similar age to me) deserve a lot of credit for all their hard work. This online text adventure game is set in 2065 after a nuclear attack in Britain leaves just three towns standing: Burnley, Wigan and Hull. It has been made by young people from these three towns with the help of artists Re-dock for their expert advice and support. The collaboration and partnership must have been a lot of fun for all involved! Continue reading Oscar (15) reviews Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing

Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing

We are pleased to announce the launch of Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing – an online text adventure game made by Re-Dock, with young individuals from across Burnley, Wigan and Hull. This online game is created by young people, where they imagine what life might be like 50 years in the future in their respective community.

Play the game!

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The name of the game

Hello and welcome to 2016! It’s been over a year since Text Adventure Time started and I’m happy to report the finish line is almost within reach.

After 5 workshops with 8 artists working with over 30 young people across three cities – we’re just about ready to unleash Northern Powerhouse : Last Towns Standing to the world. It’s taken awhile to come up with a good title but we’re all pretty pleased. Below is a sneak peak…

The year is 2065. Humans, robots and cyborgs inhabit the world, and it’s still difficult to cross the Pennines. Wigan is a harsh place to live (after a nuclear explosion in the year 2035) with dead zones where technology doesn’t work, Burnley is over run with robots, with an enslaved population of artificially created humans, but Hull is a pretty nice place to live as long as you work in the two main industries of advanced robotics or bioengineering.

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Adding the Final Touches to Text Adventure Time

Saturday 7 November saw the second summit for Networked Narrative take place, and with it the conclusion of the Text Adventure Time project, an online game that young people from Wigan, Burnley, and Hull have been working on since April. Ilona Walker reports back

The project, led by Debbie Chan from FACT and artists from Re-Dock, aims to interest young people in art who are from areas that usually have a lower level of engagement. The project will result in a game, which will be launched online in January 2016, alongside a collection of ‘artefakes’ – objects from the dystopian world created during the project – which will be shown in a touring exhibition in the new year in Wigan, Burnely and Hull.

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Wigan Summit review

Last weekend was the 2nd summit and unfortunately the last network narrative event for us in Wigan. Firstly in pairs we tried other people’s games to check what’s good about them and what’s needs improving in particular dead links. We played through three stories and I was surprised by how varied each story was with everything from spooky abandoned libraries to robots that eat bullets, no one story was similar.

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2nd Summit

7th November, Saturday, Wigan.

The date is set for the second summit of Text Adventure Time. The Young People have been through all 5 workshops and are now ready to meet face to face – many for the first time. Wigan Youth Zone will be the place where creators from all three cities come to tie up loose ends of the story, decide what artefakes get made and come up with a name of the game. Continue reading 2nd Summit

Co-creator from Wigan says…

My first text adventure time event was very enjoyable with all the support and ideas generated from staff and fellow young people alike. From playing Zork and other text adventure games I was reminded of reading the old give yourself Goosebumps books and I wasn’t great at them either. The old games were really useful in showing what works well (the unpredictability of not knowing what choice will leave you dead) and what doesn’t (the games only recognise certain words like examine, even though study means the same) in these games. So in designing my story I decided to choose real places rather than the compass directions as I find it easier to remember and to have several potential endings. Continue reading Co-creator from Wigan says…

Get Lamp

Get Lamp is a documentary by Jason Scott, the most prolific and pioneering digital archivist of the modern age. There are many things Jason does to be thankful for, but in this post we’ll be taking a look at his oral history documentary of interactive fiction. This will be a personal review, as seen through the eyes of an old for whom this documentary fills in the edges of a misspent youth. This is a live, first-pass review of just the main feature, on the first disc. We’ll be screening this at Small Cinema Liverpool on 25th October 2015 – alternately, you can order it online from the film’s site.





> THE CONTINUE RE... Hey! this isn't even a game! I just want to read the review! Who stuck a parser here?

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