Reviews from you, the players. Below are a few thoughts after playing Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing. The young people of Wigan, Burnley and Hull would like to know what you think of their future, get in touch if you’d like to add yours!

Oscar (15)“I think people who enjoy playing “chess” would really enjoy this game especially, as you have to think about your next move..”

Hannah (21)“the North has become a scary and often dangerous place, and you struggle just to keep the characters alive and safe…”

Gilbert (45)“”despite some initial decisions made against my daughter’s better judgements that lead me to a swift demise, I gradually find myself fully immersed in my new surroundings..”

Simon (45)..”revisiting the world of text adventures and interactive fiction through Northern Powerhouse has been a wonderfully retro-futuristic nostalgic trip! The creativity of the game’s authors shines through….