Hull Central Library workshop

Northern Powerhouse 2065 is in Hull, the most high tech and advanced city left standing. To be fair, Wigan had to deal with a nuclear fallout and Burnley is controlled by robots, so even without the bioengineered pets and chip implants it’s still a nice place to live – comparatively. After all, you can work for FutureGen (just don’t ask about the lab under the Humber) or go to school at the Education Centre.

Northern Powerhouse in Hull

We ran a public event on the 9th April with Radamés running the Bots vs Bods workshop. It’s getting quite crowded in the labs of FutureGen. A few of the Young People who were involved in the project from the beginning were there to finally see the fruits of their labours.
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Hull Show & Tell

We’re mid-way through the project now, and the year is 2065. Through the two previous workshops (Balloon Mapping & World Creation) the groups have had to think about the future of their city, what new technologies are available and how that impacts the society we live in. The Show & Tell workshop was a chance to get to see what the other young people across the North have been dreaming up.  Continue reading Hull Show & Tell

Hull 2065 is thriving!

The World Creation workshop in Hull last week was really inspiring, mostly because the differences between Hull now and this alternate 2065 Hull were so subtle.

Hull came out of the disaster of 2035 alright. In some ways the sheer size and economic power of Hull gave it a fighting chance, not that that did Manchester any good. Since it rose to power during the 20’s and early 30’s as the place to be for robotic and biotech start-ups, the people in Hull have never had it so good.

The Circle of Elders
The Circle of Elders

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From Westeros to Hull: The Text Adventure Continues

Zoe Yvonne Delaney charts the text adventure unfolding from the fantasy genre into the real world, as the Networked Narrative project gains momentum in Burnley, Hull and Wigan.
When you think of Game of Thrones, the opening title credits to the fantasy series are the first thing that comes to mind. The award winning sequence is as iconic as the northern British accents; the swooping camera work across the three-dimensional map of the fictional world, sweeping the viewer along with it prepares you for the world you’re about to become enthralled in. Each focal point, be it location, building, or the clockwork mechanisms allowing other structures to emerge from the map, introduce the audience to the continents of Westeros and Essos and their inhabitants – and all in under two minutes.

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man-nature disaster in sunny Hull…

Hi Text Adventurers!

We had our balloon workshop in a sunny Hull, Saturday 27th June. Doesn’t time fly by! What a lovely library room we had to do the workshop in!

old sign found in the library

We were very well looked after by Matt ‘The Doctor’ and started with looking at all the kit and figuring how it worked. We had a sound recorder, gopros on‘selfie sticks’, polaroid cube HD camera in a little plastic bottle rain hat on a telescopic clothes pole and the balloon ‘overview’ hat. Continue reading man-nature disaster in sunny Hull…

Hull, Hell and Halifax

Everyone from Hull has heard this expression, or something similar. Hell I can understand, but Hull and.. well, actually I don’t think I’ve ever been to Halifax… I’ve been doing a bit of research and I found out it is from the Beggar’s litany (or thieves’ litany) which in full is…
“From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord deliver us!”
Written by John Taylor in 1639, it warns of two cities with little regard for those who were thieves or beggars. In those days Halifax and Hull were (allegedly) a couple of towns that passed an order allowing magistrates to whip beggars out of town. An alternative theory suggests that because Halifax was one of the few towns with a Gibbet (for hanging criminals), and that Hull Gaol (ye olde worlde spelling of jail) was one of the most feared in the north of England, the three places should be avoided at all costs.
We’ve come a long way since then… you’ll miss out if you avoid Hull.
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1st Summit recap

Young people from cities across the North are working together with artists and professionals to create a new text-based adventure game as part of the Networked Narrative project. Gary Lunt went to find out more about this fast-growing trend amongst the gaming community and report on the project’s next steps.

It was 8am on a warm Saturday morning and in true Bilbo Baggins style I was quite ready for an adventure. Although I wouldn’t be travelling to the Misty Mountains and beyond, there was still a great chance that many elements from the fantasy genre could reveal themselves throughout the course of the day.

My journey was to take me to the symmetrical side of the country from Liverpool, to Hull where I was to participate and learn about a new arts project entitled Text Adventure Time. Only knowing what I had read online, I was keen to channel my inner Louis Theroux and explore what sounded like an extremely challenging yet exciting idea.

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